Argentina increases required mix of ethanol in fuel to 12 %.

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Argentina is readied to increase its ethanol production by boosting the required mix of ethanol in gas from 10 % to 12 %, according to media reports.

The South American nation’s President, Mauricio Macri, stated the added ethanol would certainly be solely originated from sugar, according to information firm Reuters.

The increase should offer an increase to farmers there that have been having problem with a downturn in international sugar prices because 2010 because of excess.

“This announcement that the mix of ethanol in gasoline will increase to 12 % from 10 % guarantees the growth of the region,” Macri told Reuters.

Argentina, an agricultural giant, makes all the ethanol it utilizes.

Ethanol production is regarding 800,000 cubic meters, of which 59 % is corn-based as well as 41 % is cane-based, the head of the Argentine Biofuels Association, Claudio Molina, informed the news firm.

“This will suggest some 160,000 cubic meters more of ethanol are required, at a minute when sugar costs are very low,” Molina said. “So this is a very positive outcome for the entire sugarcane value chain.”

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